Internalized Racism



  • Diaz demonstrates the effect and importance of skin color within Dominican society. Beli, a beautiful, curvy girl, faces hatred because of her dark skin tone. While Diaz makes sure he emphasizes Beli’s sexual appeal, he equally emphasizes Beli’s dark skin tone. Lola pointedly addresses her mother’s dark skin tone in situations where it really shouldn’t matter. Even another character, Wei, points out Beli’s dark skin tone. (pg. 65—expert addresses degradation of women and importance given to skin tone)
  • In Beli’s high school, Diaz creates a social structure in which the light-skinned students reign at the top while the darker skin toned ones, such as Beli, receive scorn and contempt.
  • Lola faces hate for her straight hair. This feature is desired by general female society in the Dominican Republic, where the norm is curly hair.
  • The society creates an environment in which females are hated for acquiring desirable traits that are naturally uncharacteristic of Dominican women, while also receiving hate for not having certain desirable traits, such as light-skin.
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